We help mid-market business owners:

  • Sell their business.
  • Develop an exit-strategy and plan, which when implemented will help them when they eventually go to market.
  • Work with them in a consulting bespoke fashion to assist them with specific aspects of a sale.
  • Value their business.

Based in Southern California Aviemore Group LLC’s President, Rob MacDonald, has 25+ years of experience, in the U.S. and Europe, in business sales and corporate acquisitions, ranging from below $100,000 to over $0.5bn. He has worked on both the buy-side and sell-side and understands what sellers and buyers are looking for. His direct sector experience includes manufacturing, healthcare, retail, media, logistics, e-commerce, and business service companies. His substantial international corporate management experience includes direct responsibility for running a large U.S. business with over $200m in revenue. He also has direct experience as owner and principal of two privately held U.S. businesses.


Rob is a member of the M&A Source, the International Business Broker’s Association, and the California Association of  Business Brokers. He is a Certified Business Broker and has two science degrees, an MBA from a top business school, and an active Broker’s License. He spent several years as a Vice President of a large long-established International New York based Mergers & Acquisition company and was involved in several closed transactions. During that period he helped Private and Corporate Sellers sell their businesses and also helped Strategic Buyers, Family Offices and Private Equity Groups find businesses to acquire.


“At all times my focus is on working closely with the business owners to help them sell their company. This is one of biggest key life decisions they will probably have to make so I make sure they understand the steps involved in the process and explain the benefits or downsides of taking certain actions. We start by finding out what they are looking to achieve so that we can jointly develop a plan to help them get there. This is vitally important as the transaction will only close if  they get what they are looking for!”


What are your aims:

  • Price?
  • Structure?
  • The ideal buyer?
  • Post-sale?

The Core Values we live by are:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Diligence

We always maintain Confidentiality:

  • So Staff are unaware
  • So Customers are unaware
  • So Suppliers are unaware
  • So Competitors can’t react